HONDA CB650F CBR650F 2014-2018 LCIROUND TITANIUM Silencer Stainless Full Exhaust Muffler

HONDA CB650F CBR650F 2014-2018 LCIPARTS ROUND TITANIUM Silencer Stainless Full Exhaust Muffler

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To Fit Model : CB650F CBR650F 2014-2018

Product Specifications

Silencer dimensions
Shape : Round 84mm
Inner punching inner diameter : 50mm
Outer shell length : 350mm
Length : 480mm
Silencer weight per piece : 1,150g (Does not include baffles weight)
Baffle weight : 130g

Product contents
- Silencer(Outer shell,body,inner punching TitaniumTP340C)
- Silencer hanging clamp(Stainless steel (SUS304))
- 4in1 Stainless steel Exhaust pipe(Stainless steel (SUS304))
Mounting bracket
- Removable baffle(Stainless steel (SUS304))
- LCIPARTS Aluminium Emblem



After confirmation of payment, we will ship out within 3-5 business days from JAPAN using Fedex. It takes 5-8 days, on average, from order to delivery, depending on the location.
please note that taxes are not included in the product price and that tariffs and other fees may be charged at the time of customs clearance.
- this exhaust is race use only.